Lost Pets In U.S.

One in three pets will get lost in their lifetime.

On average, The American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. While animal shelters and humane societies try to reunite pets with owners, they often have more trouble reuniting cats with owners than dogs with owners. 

A large majority of pet owners find their dogs and cats simply by looking through their neighborhoods. Having pets chipped or ID'ed helped claim animals, as well. 

The easiest way to insure that pets do not get lost or stolen is to keep them secure in the backyard with fencing. If the fence is high enough for pets, then they will have no way of getting out of the enclosure. The height and material used to fence in dogs will depend on the size of the dog and their demeanor (are they chill dogs or more rambunctious animals, for example). This action does not only prevent domestic animals from escaping, but also keeps out wildlife that may try to harm pets. 

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