Microchips For Chickens

For chicken owners who haven't heard about chicken chipping, it's a real thing. In fact, The Toledo Zoo has teamed-up with the City of Perrysburg to microchip chickens in the city limits. 

Chicken micro-chipping allows breeders to easily track lost chickens and keep recorded information including bird type and genealogy - all by chip number. The implant would warn of avian flu, as well. 

"Our decision to target the poultry markets is an extension of the success we've had in implantable microchips in Asia and elsewhere..." Kevin McGrath, President and CEO of Digital Angel said. "As the only provider of temperature sensing RFID microchips in the world for livestock, the detection of elevated temperatures in avian populations represents a new yet natural application of our technology. Since early detection of temperature increases could be important to identifying and controlling bird flu outbreaks, our Bio-Thermo identity system may prove instrumental in dealing with the disease in a cost effective manner within the confines of a poultry farm."

The fee for backyard chicken owners to chip chickens is $75.00. The process only takes five minutes and will be minimally invasive for the animal. At the time of chipping, chickens will get a medical examination to reduce the spread of avian diseases.

In addition to chicken chipping, EasyPetFence.com suggests installing chicken fencing to secure flock members.


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