Pets Prevent Allergies

A study from the University of Alberta shows that owning pets can protect infants from future allergies and obesity.

The theory from researchers is that children and babies exposed to this bacteria early-on can gain a resistance to allergies as well as B strep, blood infection, pneumonia and meningitis.

Here are a few tips to control pet allergies in the house:

  1. Minimize interaction with pets;
  2. Clean the house and eliminate pet hair and dandruff;
  3. Bathe pets and use an allergen-reducing shampoo on the dog;
  4. Clean dog cages weekly.
  5. Keep pets off beds and away from bedrooms'
  6. Keep pets off furniture;
  7. Clean carpets regularly

Right now, there isn't a specific "dog pill," but there are ways to control child obesity and pet allergies.

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