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Foster Care For Dogs

Foster Care For Dogs

  Fostering a dog is one of the most caring things you can do for a homeless dog in need. By becoming a foster dog parent, you can reduce the number of homeless dogs on the streets and provide them with shelter, love and care while the pup awaits a forever home. If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent for animals, here are things you will need to do and have on-hand to become a foster care provider to a new animal.

  You will need to first contact an animal rescue or shelters for foster applications. But, once you are accepted as a foster care parent, you are ready to begin a rewarding journey.

       If you already have a pet, or are caring for multiple pets, keep in-mind that not all animals will get along with each other. Ease them into contact with one another and be gentle with how the new dog reacts to being around other animals. Remember, these animals are vulnerable and will need to build trust not just with you, but also with the existing pets. Pets with behavioral problems can be a handful and can test your limits. Do not foster a pet with behavior issues that are outside of your limits.

     For the safety of all of the animals, make sure that all pets, both new and current, are vaccinated with shots and have been taken to the vet for evaluation.

      Proper diet and nutrition is a must for the dog to get strong and stay healthy. Some of the dogs taken into foster care may have been neglected and may appear malnourished. Be sure to read labels and provide the domestic animals with the right diet. You can always check with veterinarians if you aren't sure what types of dog food to feed the breed you are caring for at home.

      Provide dogs with plenty of toys. Give them chew toys, squeaky balls and Frisbee to play with in the fenced-in backyard; and play training games with dogs to teach the dog new tricks. Allowing dogs to play with each other in an outdoor dog enclosure will ensure that puppies can socialize with other animals while getting fresh air.

      You may become attached to the dogs you foster. If you are interested in adopting the foster dog, speak with an animal shelter. They will let you know when the dog is available for adoption. Good luck and happy fostering!

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