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Escape Artist Dogs

Escape Artist Dogs

It seems like one minute they're in the yards; and the next...gone. How did the dog get out of the fence so easily? Well, turns out the pup dug his/her way out of the fence line. Luckily, this can be prevented and will never happen again. 

Installing ground stakes every five feet along the fence line is how to keep dogs in the fenced-in yard. Ground stakes are used not just by pet owners but by home gardeners who wish to keep away deer, rabbits, groundhogs, and other digging animals from lawns and gardens. 

There are two types of ground stakes: kinked and rebar. Kinked Ground Stakes are used in smooth soils while Rebar Ground Stakes are used in rocky, clay or harder surfaces. 

To prevent dogs from escaping the fence, install fence stakes. 

Staking Down Fences

Staking Down Fences

When pet owners make the decision to fence-in the yard, tells customers to add fence accessories and stake down the bottom of fences. The next question from customers is "What For?"

Staking down the fence stops dogs from sneaking out from the bottom of the fence and into harm's way. Ground Stakes also prevent wildlife, including stray cats, from reaching pets from the ground up. 

Stakes for fences are not average camping stakes. They are longer and more durable. After all, a ground stake needs to hold down a steel dog fence and halt action from digging dogs. Ground Stakes from come in Kinked and "J" Hook Rebar Stakes and the on used along the fence line depends upon the customer's soil type. Rocky soils need Rebar whereas smooth soils need Kinked. 

When deciding on accessories for fences, add ground stakes to your shopping cart.

Why Use Ground Stakes?

Why Use Ground Stakes?

Staking down the bottom of the fence is a must when installing a pet fence. The fence stakes used on pet fencing are much stronger than your typical camping stakes. After all, you are holding down a heavier frame, not just a camping tent. 

Ground Stakes are used to stop dogs and cats from digging their ways underneath the fence; but they are also used to deter wildlife from making their way inside the pet enclosure. Having a ground stake every 5 feet apart from each other will provide added security to the system.

There are two types of fence stakes; and the ground stake used depends on the soil type in your yard. For average soils, choose Kinked Ground Stakes; but for rocky, or harder surfaces, use Rebar Stakes. 

When fencing in dogs and cats, add ground stakes to your list of accessories.

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