The Benefits of Outdoor Pet Enclosures

Pets bring such joy to our lives! Both dogs and cats are more than pets, they are members of the family. They act as friends, mentors, care-givers and provide us with unconditional love and support. Pets truly are man's best friend. 

There are many benefits to installing a pet enclosure in the backyard. 

Dog Fences

First and foremost, EasyPetFence prides itself as being a humane pet fence company. We do not offer electric (invisible) fence for dogs or shock collars. These dog items are considered inhumane, as they offer a jolt to a dog. Although this 'teaches' the dog to stay within the lines of the property, dogs don't completely understand why they are being hurt, they just know that they are too afraid to keep moving forward. 

Did you know that dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain strong bones and healthy joints? Although this is the minimum amount of exercise needed to stay fit, the duration of time outside only increases as the dog ages. By exercising with dogs in the backyard, pet owners themselves can get much needed exercise, as well. You could say that having a dog fence creates a bonding experience between the owner and pet. For owners of small dogs and puppies, an outdoor dog enclosure is a safe area for dogs to learn new tricks and train dogs. 

Cat Fences

Many cat owners are surprised to learn about a cat fence, as we usually think about domestic dogs instead of cats. But, cats need time to play outside and breathe fresh air, too. Our Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kit can be used on any cat breed. Outdoor cat enclosures allow cats to freely tour the backyard without getting lost, stolen, or hurt by wildlife. A cat fence from EasyPetFence is as easy to install as our dog fence kits and rolls. 

Our cat enclosures are made from the same poly material as our fence for puppies and small dogs. The poly mesh deters the cat from jumping and climbing and keeps the cat enclosed from the top. The top also provides bird control to further safeguard the domestic pet. The bottom of the fence is made from a wire fence to stop the cat from chewing or digging its way outside. 

Pet Fence Enclosures allow dogs to socialize, learn, grow and play! Explore pet fencing from EasyPetFence.