Train Dog With Food

Training dogs is important for teaching dogs right from wrong; and although there are many ways to train dogs, using dog food will surely trigger a response from your pup. Here's why it's okay to use food as a stimulus for dog training:

Positive Reinforcement

Who doesn't love food? Your dog is no different. Food as positive reinforcement works and will teach the dog that if they continue to listen and obey then they will get a treat. Instead of slapping newspaper on a dog's nose, use dry cereal or a dog treat to tell them that they did a good thing. 

Training New Dogs

Newly adopted dogs who are learning their surroundings should get a dog treat. This can be a small dog treat such as a carrot or biscuit. When your dog learns a new skill such as "sit" or "stop" then your dog can receive a bigger treat such as a slice of cheese or beef jerky.

 Using Food For Exercise

Food is not only useful for training but also for teaching dog exercises. As a dog trainer, when you ask a dog to "stand," fetch," or "jump," the dog is not only internalizing what you are asking from them but they are using their hind legs and arms to move. Moving about will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as they age including limp joints and muscles. 

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