Train Dogs Month!

Many individuals around the country were surprised by loved ones over the holidays with a loving pet; so, it is only fitting that January is declared to be Train Your Dog Month. 

At this point, the new pet is fun to squeeze; run around the house with; and throw a ball to; but ultimately, training them not to run away is what matters most. During the first few weeks of bringing home a new pet, pet owners will need to register their pet and get them a dog collar [or chip]. This will help in the prevention of runaway dogs and will reunite pet owners with lost dogs. 

Dogs are natural roamers; and they will look for new ways to escape from yards. To teach the dog about their new surroundings, establish a barrier in the backyard; and allow the dog to walk along the boundary to teach them what space they have to work with for outdoor playtime. Keep dogs leashed; so, they do not run off. After some time, feel free to take them off the leash.

Once the dog has learned where to go and not go outside, it's time to build a dog fence. Yard fencing for dogs keeps them safe and secure from external predators and strangers while keeping them inside the boundaries you set for them from the start.

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