Why Adopt a Senior Dog

When considering pet adoption, there are many things to keep in mind: type of dog wanted; will the dog be good around children; and ailments of that specific dog breed. While it's true that most dog owners want a puppy in their lives, there are many good reasons to adopt an older dog. 

For one, older dogs are already potty trained. Pet owners will not need to worry about carpets getting ruined and renting carpet cleaners. They will only need to teach the dog where to go outside and how to get there. 

Older dogs are more mature. Puppies are cute; but their listening skills are not up to par for the first few months. Older dogs are generally more adaptable in new homes. 

Senior dogs are more relaxed. They are calmer; and they may not move as quickly as a pup. They will not be rambunctious and wreak havoc in the house. 

Actually, you can teach an old dog new tricks! And, it's suggested to incorporate strength training exercises in a fenced-in backyard for aging dogs that may be prone to arthritis and other health complications. Keep them jumping, squatting and running to stay in shape. 

Older dogs are loving and play well with other animals and children. Consider adopting a senior pet this August during the Clear the Shelters event; and spread the word about why it's better to own an older dog.

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