Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Systems

Cat owners may not realize that their pets need to spend time outdoors just as much as dogs.

At first, cat owners may be hesitant to invest in a cat fence as opposed to a catio. A popular question that comes to their minds is "Won't the cat crawl out?" But, with the Kitty Corral, cats will be able to explore the backyard without getting lost or stolen. Cat Fencing is beneficial for improving animal health and wellness and provides more freedom to explore, as opposed to a catio.

Our outdoor cat enclosure is made from the same poly fence material as our fence for small dogs and puppies. The top and middle of the kitty fence, also made from poly mesh, will gently sway to deter the cat from climbing on the fence material; and the bottom is made from a wire fence to stop chewing and digging. It is guaranteed to keep cats in and deters them from clawing the fence. (For dog owners, Kitty Corrals can serve as a do it yourself cat proof fence, too!.)

This is the purrfect fence for all types of kitties; and can be used for TNR Programs and fostering cats. If you are wondering how to keep cats in the yard, then you've come to the right place for cat fencing.

For cat owners with an already existing fence structure, you may expand your existing fence area with the cat conversion system - giving cats more room to play! Enclosures for cats give domestic cats the freedom to explore the backyard with being lost or stolen.

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