Dogs aren't the only furry companions that gain advantages from spending time outdoors. Many cats also enjoy happier, healthier lives by discovering the environment beyond your home's four walls. Outside time allows them to exercise and engage in innate behaviors. It also provides mental stimulation through a new range of sights, smells, and textures to explore.

Easy Pet Fence can help you make that a reality for your feline friend with a complete lineup of cat fence systems that keep them safe.

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Our cat-proof DIY enclosure solutions feature your choice of materials and various heights and lengths. Opt for our award-winning poly mesh that withstands UV exposure and offers an almost invisible appearance for minimal aesthetic impact. This material is available in conversion kits for existing fences and kitty corral barrier kits. Our fully enclosed catios come in poly mesh, plus steel hex wire and welded wire for extra stability and strength.

Each fence kit contains the materials, hardware, and instructions you need to finish the project. 

What to Know About Purchasing a Cat Fence System

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your outdoor cat enclosure. 

Felines are natural climbers and jumpers. Healthy cats can easily scale high fences or leap shorter ones, so adequate height is crucial. Our designs offer an angled top and a tall size to prevent Houdini-like escapes. You can support your cat's climbing instinct by outfitting the new space with cat trees and other multilevel play obstacles instead.

While cats are predators, they can also be prey. Foxes, weasels, and large birds can and do attack unprotected felines. Our fence kits design forms a fully enclosed space. You can use them to create a safe place to explore without the dangers of unwanted wildlife.

Both options also help guard against stray or roaming cats entering the area and interacting with your furry friend. That ability can prevent unwanted litters of kittens, plus keep your companion free of feline diseases like leukemia or immunodeficiency viruses.

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Easy Pet Fence has been a leading online source for simple, effective, and humane cat-proof fencing since 2017. Our solutions feature high-quality construction for durability and peace of mind. We keep an extensive inventory on hand and ready for fast shipping. Regardless of your fence kit choice, we can help you get the best value through no-cost shipping on qualified orders, budget-friendly financing, and a price-match guarantee. We also provide expert customer service and will help you identify the best solution for your needs.

Create the outdoor space your feline friend dreams of by ordering securely online, or contact us for advice.