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Your dog's fence is a practical and effective solution for keeping them safe, secure, and happy outdoors. Installing your companion's fencing accurately and keeping it well-maintained is vital to ensure it can do its job. It's important to install your companion's fencing accurately and keep it well-maintained to ensure it can do its job. Having the right equipment to achieve those goals is essential. Easy Pet Fence makes it possible with a complete selection of accessories for fence installation and upkeep.

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We've created a collection of high-quality accompanying tools so you can find everything you need from one trusted source. Add the following to your order of our DIY dog fencing kits to be better prepared to build and maintain your enclosure:

What Kind of Dog Fence Accessories Do You Need?

Every fencing solution varies, from the dogs it protects to the stressors it's exposed to. For example, fences built in rockier soils require different accessories than those in earth with high loam or clay content. Enclosures protecting larger or more active dogs may need additional support, such as a top-rail design for extra stability. Similarly, components of a fence that see heavy use, like gates, may need more frequent hardware replacements. 

We generally recommend having the following items on hand for seamless installations and upkeep:

  • Earth augers or digging tools to create holes for posts.
  • Fasteners to attach fencing to posts.
  • Anchors to secure materials along the bottom edge.
  • Dog-safe tensioning solutions to eliminate sags.

We also recommend investing in spare parts designed for your fence and conducting routine enclosure inspections. Storing replacement components and materials ensures you can quickly resolve minor issues to protect your dog.

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Easy Pet Fence has provided homeowners and DIY enthusiasts with simple and effective pet fences since 2017. Our approach is also humane — we don't offer accessories like shock collars that hurt your furry family member or make them fearful. What you will find is a high-quality selection to help you create a safe outdoor space for your dog. 

We're a one-stop solution for DIY dog fence kits, parts, and expert customer advice. We also strive to help you maximize your budget through our price-match guarantee, free shipping on most orders, and financing options.

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