For pet owners who have never started a DIY fence project, we suggest investing in a diy dog fence kit. These fences are great for smaller dogs or those that will respect a visual barrier. A DIY outdoor dog fence from Easy Pet Fence is easy to install and creates a safe and reliable pet enclosure. 

Shop Our Entire Collection of Fence Kits for Dogs

Our dog fence experts have hand-curated our selection of fencing kits for convenience and different applications. Easy Pet Fence's kit options include:

  • Dog fence extensions: Supplement your play area's safety and security with our fence extension kits. These poly-constructed barriers add height to existing fence materials like wood, vinyl, and metal.
  • Dog-proofing kits: Eliminate escapes from existing fences with our dog-proofing kits. These heavy-duty solutions effectively close wide gaps for your dog's protection.
  • Poly dog fence kits: Choose a poly dog fence kit for puppies or small dogs that won't chew or jump on the fence. These durable options are built to withstand the elements for long-lasting security.
  • Steel hex kits: Keep aesthetic impacts minimal. Our metal options include a steel hex fence kit that appears virtually invisible from a distance. 
  • Welded wire kits: Consider our PVC-coated welded wire dog fence kit for a stronger, chew-resistant metal fence. Each features a durable and attractive black coating.

What to Know About Our Dog Fence Kits

Whether you need a barrier for a toy breed or dog fence kits for large dogs, Easy Pet Fence has a solution for you. Build your ideal secure play space with our comprehensive selection and enjoy the benefits these kits offer.

Available Dog Fencing Options

Easy Pet Fence offers numerous kit options to meet your dog's needs, including:

  • Heights in 1-foot increments between 3 feet and 6 feet high.
  • Top-rail designs to reinforce the fence's sturdiness for more active dogs.
  • Multiple materials, mesh designs, and spacing.
  • Various wire gauges.
  • No-dig options to help deter escape artists.

Kit Advantages

Investing in dog fencing kits from Easy Pet Fence offers many benefits, including:

  • Complete materials: We've created our kits to include all the materials and hardware necessary for a successful installation — no running back to the store because of a forgotten component.
  • Detailed instructions: Our kits come with clear and easy-to-follow installation instructions. You or your local contractor have the direction you need and full support from our experienced customer service team.
  • Money savings: DIY dog fence kits put you in control of the labor costs. You can also start with a smaller area and expand as your finances allow.

Create a Safe Space With a DIY Dog Fence Kit

We've been helping pet owners nationwide create safe places for their companions to enjoy the outdoors since 2017. Our fence kits include high-quality materials, so no matter which fence system you choose, it is built to last! You won't find invisible dog fences or shock collars on — our solutions are simple, effective, and humane. We make a diy fence for dogs more affordable through price matching, convenient financing, and free shipping on many orders. Need help choosing the right option? Our experts are here to answer questions and provide guidance.

Contact a pet fence specialist online, or order your ideal kit today.