Dog Fence Rolls

Easy Pet Fence makes it simple for DIY enthusiasts to create practical, effective, and humane fences. Our dog fence rolls of wire or plastic fencing provide a scalable alternative to other enclosure methods. They're easy to install and long-lasting, and they require little maintenance. Many orders are also eligible for free shipping, making them cost-effective solutions.

Our inventory includes a wide selection of materials to meet your needs for your dog's security and your property's visual appeal.

Explore Our Full Collection of Dog Wire Fence Roll

 We carry an extensive inventory of wire fence, so orders are ready to ship quickly. Our rolled wire fencing includes:

All our wire rolled fencing comes in various heights to safely secure your companion while complying with local codes. Different material gauges and rolled wire mesh opening sizes are also available in some options.

How Much Rolled Wire Fencing Will You Need for Your Project?

Determining how much rolled wired fencing you'll need starts by measuring the perimeter of the area you're enclosing. Be sure to capture the dimensions of all sides accurately. If your lot has obstacles you'll need to work around, record those measurements as well. 

Add the total footage — for example, if your measurements are 40 feet by 60 feet by 37 feet by 55 feet, you'll need 192 feet of rolled wire. You can divide this total by the length of your chosen fence style to find the number of wire rolls for fencing you need. 

Always round up if the result is fractional to ensure you have enough material to finish the job. You can also conveniently store any extra — many of our customers prefer to have some fence left to fix any mistakes or make an emergency repair if needed. 

Order Rolls of Fencing Wire for Your Project Today

Easy Pet Fence has been offering online purchasing of high-quality fence solutions since 2017. We've quickly earned a reputation as a market leader because of our expertise and dedication to exceptional customer service. In addition to our convenient rolled fences, we can also create a DIY fencing kit to supply the materials and hardware you'll need for a complete project. Explore our entire range of dog enclosure options online to find the right one for your needs. 

Order from our secure website around the clock, or talk to our specialists for buying advice.