Poly Dog Fence Rolls

Does your beloved pup have a habit of escaping, digging through your garden, or chasing nearby deer? Dog fences can help you deter unwanted pests while keeping your pet safely on your property. If you're looking for a simple, low-maintenance solution for your animal fencing needs, Easy Pet Fence can help. Our heavy-duty plastic fencing offers reliable outdoor protection and quick installation.  

Plastic Fence Rolls

If you're looking for a quality dog fence, you've likely seen many types available. The best type of dog fence will depend on a few factors, such as the size of your dog, their energy levels, and your property needs. You'll also want an effective, humane solution that won't harm your pets or other animals. 

Our plastic mesh fencing is visible without being an eyesore for your neighbors. Plastic rolled fencing is ideal for smaller dogs that do not tend to bite, dig, or put intense pressure on your fences. For larger or more energetic pets, our galvanized steel wire dog fence may be more suitable.

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Puppies and small dogs need time to socialize and exercise outdoors. However, smaller dogs can more easily slip between gaps in ineffective fences. Easy Pet Fence has everything you need to create a sturdy, multi-purpose dog fence, from our plastic fence wire. 

We carry different varieties of poly dog fences to accommodate your property and animal needs. Choose from a range of sizes and lengths of our heavy-duty plastic mesh fencing, including:

  • 4' x 100'
  • 5' x 100' 
  • 6' x 100'
  • 4' x 330'
  • 5' x 330'
  • 6' x 330'

Why You Should Install Plastic Rolled Fencing in Your Backyard?

Plastic rolled fencing is suitable for keeping your pet enclosed in a residential area thanks to the strong yet movable material. Our black poly dog fencing is stable in many conditions, including wind and heat. The 1" x 1" plastic fence mesh simultaneously prevents your dog from escaping your yard while keeping out smaller animals and pests. 

Our polypropylene dog fences are UV-stabilized for long-lasting use outdoors. We also carry a ground sleeve system for fast, easy installation with no digging required. 

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Plastic fence rolls offer advanced, lasting technology with simplicity for a DIY project. At Easy Pet Fence, we believe in helping homeowners like you keep their furry companions safe. Our dog fence solutions allow them to roam and explore without easily escaping. Shop our dog fence kits today, or contact us to learn more.