Full Cat Enclosures offer complete cat protection on all a top! 

Got an escape artist? An influx of birds and wildlife approaching your landscape? Keep companion cats protected in yards and away from harm's way with a fully covered cat fence from 

Cat enclosures with tops are offered for pet owners that want their cats to roam the yard but have limited space for their pets to play. Having a fully enclosed cat fence in the yard alleviates the worry of pets being attacked by wildlife cat predators such as wolves, coyotes and hawks.

Our fully enclosed cat fencing is similar to catios; but the difference lays in the mesh materials and lengths offered. While catios are more box-shaped for cats to jump from level to level for entertainment, cat enclosures allow cats to run more; play more; and socialize more with other companion animals. Fully enclosed cat enclosures are recommended for homeowners and townhouse owners with small yards for cats to play. For landowners with large yard spaces, see our Kitty Corral Cat Fence System.

Fully covered cat enclosures are available in poly, steel hex web and welded wire fence mesh. Shop now!

Fully Covered Cat Enclosures

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