Tick Removal Tools

Although we encourage dog owners to install a dog fence for dog health, there are medical concerns that all pet owners must be aware of when installing an outdoor play area for their pet dogs and cats such as the risk of woodland ticks and the possible transmission of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from American Dog Ticks (Click here for facts about American dog ticks.). Adult male and female dog ticks are most active in the warmer months of the year from March-early August and are usually found in backyards and grassland areas under leaves. 

After outdoor activity, be sure to do a thorough tick-check on your pets - and yourself. For humans, the risk of Lyme Disease is present, if bitten; and symptoms may not occur for weeks, sometimes months later. If your active dog becomes lethargic, unable to eat or sleep, there is the possibility that your dog was bitten by a dog tick. Safely remove the dog tick with tick tweezers from by pulling straight up; and see your vet to identify the tick type. (Read this on how to remove a tick.) 

Spot-on treatments are available to prevent and kill dog ticks including medicated dog shampoos, tick collars and tick dips. Talk to your vet about these types of dog tick prevention tools, as we do not offer tick shampoos, flea collars or tick repellents. 

Tick Removal Tools

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