Chickens are not meant to be caged.

There are many benefits to raising free-range chickens. Did you know that free-range chickens produce more nutritious eggs? These chicken eggs will allow bakers to bake fluffier cakes and make healthier baked goods. Also, non-caged chickens are less likely to be overweight and will not be in danger of obesity. And, as an added bonus, chicks will scare off insects in yards and eat grasshoppers, beetles and bugs; so, chicken farmers can save money on insect sprays.

Raising chickens in a fenced-in pasture or organic farm gives chickens the shelter and protection they need from wildlife predators and inclement weather. Although there is electric poultry netting on the market, chicken owners can do without. (Who wants fried chicken, anyway?) Instead, a chicken fence made from a steel hex web construction will create a chew-proof barrier that will keep-in chickens and keep wild animals, like coyotes and wolves, out of the hen house. Not only is this steel fence with PVC virtually invisible, but it will last 20-30 years.

If chicken owners haven't built a poultry fence before, using a fence kit is best. Poultry owners can always expand the roaming area with our chicken fence rolls and fence parts. 

Fence tip: Surprisingly, chickens can only fly short distances due to their size; and they can easily cross over a 4 foot high fence, if motivated. It's best to install poultry fencing that is at least 6 feet high to block short flights.

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