Start a Feral Cat Program

Animal lovers who care about the well-being of animals may not understand why anyone would want to neglect cats or mistreat them. Cats make wonderful pets and bring pet owners such joy on a daily basis. Strategies for saving homeless, feral cats differ from adopting a shelter cat. Feral cats require extra care; and this is why starting a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program in your community can benefit both the cat and the community.

Feral CatsVolunteer Trap-Neuter-Return Programs can reduce the homeless cat population across America. Each year, cats are captured and are sent to Kill Shelters where they grow old and eventually are taken out of the shelter. There are over 4 million animals that are euthanized at  animal kill shelters because nobody wants to adopt these cats. Cat giver programs centered around TNR efforts save cat lives and support community-based projects to care for cats while allowing these animals to stay within their natural environment. It also eliminates the frustration that people have when they see free-roaming cats in their yard.

To get started with your feral cat assistance program, cat foster parents will need the support from local animal lovers who want to volunteer to help protect homeless cats and get them off the street. To get volunteers, you can offer free cat toys, cat food and outdoor cat enclosures so cats can remain comfortable in their environment while staying safely enclosed. Cat enclosures provide cats with exercise, safety and happiness while playing outside with other animals.

6' x 200' Kitty Corral Cat Fence SystemOnce you have a fond support group of cat group volunteers, you will need to be able to spay/neuter animals to reduce the birth rates of homeless cats. You will need to encourage cat adoption during the time of your TNR Program. Offer cat care classes to interested pet owners, free resources and information about how to become a responsible cat owner.

Cats require basic needs such as:






  • Shelter (a warm, dry place away from car fumes, wildlife and other things that may harm them).
  • Fresh water and nutritious cat food.
  • Socialization with other cats and animals.
  • An outdoor cat enclosure for exercise (cats need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity and fresh air).
  • Love!

Feral Cats deserve a second chance of living; and you can help control cat homelessness in your area by starting a cat foster program with the help from

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