Get our strongest and most durable fence support option by adding top rail to your fencing! Having a top rail on your dog fence creates a horizontal support for attaching your fencing. Having top rail makes the dog fence system stronger and will help secure the fencing for dogs that like to jump and lean on the top of the fencing.

The top rail is easily installed using our top rail couplers to attach lengths of 1 3/8” diameter posts along the top of your dog fence. We have top rail compatible corners, ends, and gates to make installation of this system simple and more affordable than more traditional chain link installations.

Dog owners looking for a DIY dog fencing solution can rely on the strength and lifespan of our top rail no dig dog fencing systems. These systems have been developed specifically for our customers to take the guesswork and installation headaches out of the dog fencing installation process.

All the posts, corners, ends, and gates in this dog fence system can be installed without digging* or the hassle of pouring and setting concrete. This is accomplished using our ground sleeves and traditional angled bracing techniques to create a strong and stable frame for the dog fencing material.

Eliminating the need for digging holes and adding concrete also allows for this dog fence kit to be removed seasonally if desired. All parts of this system are black to allow the fencing to blend into the surrounding landscape and are designed to last for years in all weather conditions. Designed with the DIY homeowner in mind, this system can be quickly and easily installed on your time.

5’ max strength poly fence is a great choice for small and medium as well as dogs not likely to jump over or lean on a fence. The additional strength provided by thicker poly strands will create an effective dog fence barrier. If your dog is an active chewer, consider adding an anti-dig barrier at the base of the fence to prevent chewing damage. This fencing is made from polypropylene plastic designed to last for years. This dog fence option is virtually invisible as close as 20’. The 1.75” x 2” mesh flexes when pushed on and will not deform or collapse under impact.

This fence is incredibly lightweight and flexible, and unlike chain link fence it is easy for anyone to handle and install without the help of a professional. Once installed, this dog fence will require little to no maintenance.   


*Optional items may be added to the fence kit from the above drop-down menu*

  • Add corners when your fence line is going to curve at a 45° angle or more. This will provide increased fence stability.
  • Add ends when your fence line is going to end at an existing structure, such as a house, barn or another fence.
  • Add a tension kit to increase the stability and structure of your fence line and give added strength to the fence to protect against downed tree limbs and inclement weather.
  • Add a gate so that you, or your equipment, may move in and out of the fence line with ease.

*Selecting additional options will change what is included with this Fence Kit. Base options listed.

*Some Digging may be required for homeowners with rocky, or hard ground. See instructions before purchase.


5' High Top Rail Max Strength Poly Dog Fence Kit


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