About Dog Gates

About Dog Gates

Dog fence gates provide easy access to the dog enclosure area for both dogs and people. However, customers that buy dog gates often have preliminary questions. We'll help answer them now:

Is fence mesh included?

No, fence rolls are sold separately. Any style of fence mesh (Poly, Steel Hex or Weld Wire) can be used on dog gates from EasyPetFence.com.

Where are the ground sleeves?

Ground sleeves are not needed when installing dog gates. Simply drive the post into the ground and attach the mesh to the brackets and door frame materials.

Is a dog fence gate necessary?

Unless people can figure out another way to get in-and-out of the enclosure, then, it would help!

Dog fence access gate instructions are coming soon to EasyPetFence.com. For additional questions, contact us at 888-519-5954.