Adopt a Shelter Cat

Adopt a Shelter Cat

June is Adopt a Cat Month, a time for pet owners to consider adding a new furry friend to their family. 

When considering pet adoption, consider adopting a shelter cat from local animal shelters and humane societies. While some of these animals may appear shy from abuse, others are gentle and were simply neglected. 

Less than 2 percent of cats are reunited with their original pet owners. It's up to you to find a cat that matches your personality; and be there for a cat in need.

There are many reasons to become a cat owner:

  1. Cats are independent and do not require outside 'walks,' as they are litter-box trained.
  2. Hearing a cat purr will melt your heart!
  3. They are playful and welcome attention.
  4. Cats do not require bathing. They are able to wash themselves; and groom daily.
  5. Cats can be trained not to scratch furniture and can retrieve toys.

There are approximately 70 million homeless cats roaming throughout the United States; and when we do not take-in these cats, they breed more homeless cats. This is why we also need to start a Trap-Neuter-Release Program for feral cats. TNR Programs are easy to start with just a few volunteers. First, you collect the cats and place them behind a fenced in area where they will receive medical care, healthy food and fresh water. Then, these cats will be spayed or neutered. Finally, they will be placed back into their natural habitat where they cannot breed with other animals, thus reducing the stray cat population. TNR Programs are considered humane and help countless kitties.  

It's time to get involved in Adopt a Cat Month this June. Spread the word about cat adoption; and volunteer at a local animal shelter to care for cats. 

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