Animals Carry Ticks

Animals Carry Ticks

Ticks tend to hide in the woods and grassy areas where they can easily find a warm-blooded mammal, such as a white-tailed deer, to latch onto for food. While deer are the number one carriers of ticks in the United States, they are not the only animals to carry ticks with tick diseases such as Lyme Disease. 

More often than not, ticks find farm animals such as cattle, horses and poultry. Ticks, such as the American Dog Tick, choose dogs as their primary source of food, although they are quite aggressive towards humans, as well. 

Cats are also ones to get Lyme, which is why domestic kitties need to be protected and away from feral cats. 

Opossums, coyotes, squirrels and rodents are also carriers of ticks in the United States.  

Keep domestic animals away from tick-carrying animals for pet tick disease prevention this spring.