April's Kitty Problem

April's Kitty Problem

Cats breed year-round but start as early as February and go as late as December. Because of this, kittens make their appearances into the world starting in April which can become a problem for homeowners with domestic animals. 

When homeless cats deliver babies, they increase the number of feral cats wandering the streets. Feral cats are not like domestic pets. They are generally guarded and can be aggressive. All they know is outside life and they are not always welcoming and open to people. 

Animal shelters see an influx of kittens in April due to cat breeding season. Homeowners interested in pet adoption should consider adopting cats this time of year and/or starting a TNR Program to 'fix' feral cats. 

Interested in starting a Trap-Neuter-Release Program? Here's what you'll need:

  • Volunteers for help - the more hands the better.
  • An outdoor cat enclosure to make feral cats feel at home
  • Vet health care assistance
  • Plenty of healthy cat food, fresh water and toys

Cat adoption is a good idea for homeowners on-the-go as these felines are self-sufficient and only require fresh water and food. Give them a cat tower, balls of yarn and squeaky toys to play with and see how happy cats can be!