Best Chicken Fence

Best Chicken Fence

Like other livestock animals, chickens are not meant to be caged. Chicken owners will be the first to declare that chickens are not just pets but they are members of the family. As such, chicken owners want their flock to be healthy and happy.

So, what is the best fence for chickens?

Steel Fence that is hexagonal in shape is strong and will stand up to chew marks caused by wild animals (such as coyotes and wolves) that may try to harm the livestock. This type of fence is used not only for chicken security but also by gardeners looking to keep rabbits, groundhogs and other garden critters away from growing sites. 

While this fence is recommended for livestock, it is suggested to find a hexagonal fence with PVC-coating. The PVC acts as a secondary layer of protection against chew marks and can stand up against harsh weather environments throughout the year. Without PVC, the fence may risk corroding or brittle in time from extreme heat, rain or snow. 

Free-roaming chickens make the best-tasting eggs - possibly because chickens spend more time walking around pastures in search of bugs, beetles and even ticks! Because free-range chickens need a fence, chicken owners turn to hexagonal shaped fence to secure chickens on farms and pastures.