Broken Bones, Dog Walks

Broken Bones, Dog Walks

Walking dogs in residential areas and local dog parks are great exercise and fun for both pet and pet owner; however, a recent study shows that Americans over the age of 65 are experiencing more falls, fractures and broken bones due to walking dogs on leashes. 

'In 2004, among patients 65 and older, there were an estimated 1,671 cases of broken bones linked to walking a leashed dog, compared to 4,396 in 2017. Most fractures were among women. The study appears in the current issue of JAMA Surgery.' (NPR)

When looking at U.S. population, this means that 50 million people are over the age of 65; and approximately 4000 suffer injuries due to dog walking. 

As pet owners age, walking dogs becomes harder; and therefore having a fenced-in yard might be a better alternative for aging pet owners that want to allow dogs play time outside. They may even choose to hire a certified pet sitter to come over to the house and take the dog out to walk for them. 

Dogs need exercise; but it should not be at the cost of the pet owner's health.