Cat Safety In Summer

Cat Safety In Summer

Dogs aren't the only companion pets excited for summertime fun. Cats have been waiting for warmer weather to get excited and play; but before letting Kitty outside in the fenced-in yard, remember these summer pet safety tips:

Like dogs, cats are wearing a permanent fur coat; and they may not tell you, but they may be suffering from dehydration if they are moving slowly. Provide cats with plenty of fresh cold water to drink to minimize the risks of both issues. 

Cats need shade or shelter from the elements. It can get toasty in the summer months quickly; and cats will need a sheltered place to escape when they get too hot. Keep an eye on pets; and bring them inside after 30 minutes if they aren't moving much. They could be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Get Kitty's vaccinated. Summer is the time of year when cat's can encounter wildlife with rabies and other harmful diseases. Make sure the cat is up-to-date with shots.

Groom pets for ticks: As with dogs, cats can get bit by tick bites. Avoid trips to the vets. Click here for tick disease prevention tips.