Common house plants vs your pets

Common house plants vs your pets

For a first-time plant buyer, typical questions that arise are, “What type of plant should I get? Does it require a lot of water? How big does it get? What pot should I use?”

These questions are all very important to consider.

The first question a new plant buyer should ask is, “is this plant pet-friendly?” What many people do not realize is that there are many house plants that could make your pet sick. Some plants can even be fatal.

To name a few:

Aloe Vera

Devil’s Ivy

Chinese Evergreen

Tomato Plant


Asparagus Fern

Mother in Law’s Tongue

Peace Lily’s

Rubber Tree Plant


It is important do research or ask a professional when buying a plant to make sure it is safe for your pets.

If your animal does ingest a toxic substance, is a great resource for information regarding what to do in case of an emergency.