Stop Wildlife Pet Attacks

Stop Wildlife Pet Attacks

Pets need time to play outside; and summer is the best time to do it. However, pets will need to stay protected from external factors; and we aren't just talking about the sweltering heat. We are talking about wild animals that may try to hurt pets. Here are ways to keep pets at a safe distance from wildlife. 

Deer Management

Deer, exclusively doe, are attacking pets; but hardly ever humans. This may be because their fawn are nearby; and they are protecting their young. To protect pets from deer attacks, build a deer fence, or a dog fence, that is 7.5 to 8' feet high. This will block attempts from deer to reach pets in the backyard. 

Coyote Control

Coyotes may look like dogs; but that doesn't mean they are okay with them. In addition to dogs, coyotes have been known to chase and kill cats. Protect dogs and cats from coyote attacks with a pet fence that is at last 6 feet high. Coyotes can chew; so, be sure to purchase a steel fence with PVC-coating to further protect the metal fence material. 

Hawk Attacks

Hawks have been known to swoop down on small dogs. While you may have only seen this action in the movies, it happens more often than we think. To keep pets safe from bird attacks, remove bird feeders from landscapes and place shiny objects outside to scare birds away. Build a four-sided garden fence enclosure for extra protection to keep dogs safe outside. 

Bear Attacks

Bear encounters occur most often in July, August and September when we spend the most time outside hiking and playing with dogs in the yard. Consider building an electric fence for added protection. Bears want food in preparation for winter; and they will not turn their backs on pets, if given the chance.