Coyote Attacks: Alert

Coyote Attacks: Alert

Guests at a vacation resort in Kissimmee, FL have been vocal about coyote spottings and have even heard of coyote attacks on a few guests. 

“This coyote just jumped on me and latched on to the back of my leg, and I couldn't get it off. I just kept punching it, and then my husband and brother-in-law came out,” explained Robin O'Donnell.  “I squeezed it around the neck and held on. It was still another 30 seconds, before it lightened up its jaws and let go.” (Fox 10, Orlando)

While the resort has taken responsibility and has captured the coyote, the woman suffered non-threatening wounds to her leg.

“The thing that's disturbing is, now I'm terrified to go outside.” 

While this particular instance happened on resort property, coyotes travel everywhere including residential areas. What's worse, they can carry rabies. To protect family members and pets from coyote attacks, homeowners are advised to build a steel fence in the yard to keep out coyotes.

Coyotes are becoming less fearful of humans and are more willing to attack, especially if they feel trapped or cornered. Animal Services do advise pet owners to keep watch of their pets and get them vaccinated, as with children.