Cyber Monday Starts Now

Cyber Monday Starts Now

The Cyber Monday Sales Event is here on 

Now, both dog and cat owners can get the best deals on pet fencing from Here are the Cyber Monday 2017 Offerings:

Dog Owners

Order a dog fence kit; and receive a free bag of dog toys - just in-time for the holidays. Dog Fence Kits come complete with all fence materials to build a basic dog fence in the yard. A fence kit is ideal for beginners who are interested in a DIY project. These fence kits are easy to install and do not require the help from a professional fence installer. 

Cat Owners

Did you know that there is a catio on the market for cats? When cat owners purchase a Kitty Corral Cat Fence, they will receive a fence gate of their choice at 50% off! 

Like dogs, cats need time spent outside. Installing yard fencing for cats guarantees that kitties will remain in the backyard and will not get lost or stolen. Cat Fencing from is made from a plastic fence material that will deter cats from climbing.  Should cats continue to climb on the fence, they will be stopped by a top - also made from poly fence mesh. The welded wire bottom will stop the cat from digging out. This is an easy DIY fence project. 

Cyber Monday deals won't last furrever. Order today on