Dogs Need Exercise!

Dogs Need Exercise!

NPR released an article yesterday on Germany's potential ordinance that would order dog owners to exercise dogs twice a day, getting them outside more; and that got us thinking:

Maybe Germany has the right idea. Maybe pets really do need more exercise.

The ordinance would require that dogs be 'permitted to exercise outside of a kennel at least twice a day for a total of at least one hour,' according to the ministry. 'This is to ensure that dogs are given sufficient exercise and contact with environmental stimuli.' (NPR)

It's true, dogs need time spent outside to move freely; stretch their legs; and play with other animals including their owners. Furthermore, they need exercise! Without physical fitness, dogs risk health issues such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. 

If dog walking or taking dogs to a local dog park is not in the cards, consider installing a yard fence in the backyard for easy access to an open puppy play area. Dogs require at least 30 minutes to one hour of daily activity to stay lean and fit.

Germany may have the right idea; and pet owners across North America should follow their lead.