Dog Strength Exercises

Dog Strength Exercises

Dog exercise may sound silly; but as with humans, it will benefit puppies as they age. Dogs that exercise retain happiness and health over dogs that don't move around so much. They lower their risks of cardiovascular diseases as well as becoming lethargic and obese ( a major problem in the United States for dogs, cats and people). Lastly, dogs that strength train have stronger, muscular systems that prevent injuries and burn more calories. 

Here are a few dog exercises that can be done in the backyard to help strength train dogs:

1. Where You Live Matters

 If you live in a hilly or mountainous area, then you have the right tools for strength training. Bring your dog for a walk or light trot up and down the hill to strengthen muscles. This type of strength training exercise tones muscles and improve's dog breathing.

For those that live near the beach, bring your dog to a dog-friendly beach near you. Walking in the sand will help dogs balance and improve muscle functions.

2. Jump To It

Whether your dog is reaching out for a dog treat or toy, jumping exercises help dogs tremendously. Have your dog start in a squat position and then tell them to 'jump.' After two or three jumps, reward your dog with a healthy dog treat. 

3. Jogging

Jogging and sprinting alike improve the health of both dog and owner. Help your dog by sprinting ahead of him/her - your quickly find that your dog will keep up with your pace. When done with sprints, give your dog plenty of fresh water and shelter to cool down. 

4. Swimming

Not only does swimming teach dogs a new skill, but it makes them use all parts of their body. This is a great exercise for strength training that is both fun and relaxing. Swim laps with your dog or throw a ball in the water and have your pup bring it back to you.