Fall Cat Care Tips

Fall Cat Care Tips

Now that summer is long gone, and the weather is getting cooler each day, cat owners need to pay extra attention to their cat's behavior and comfort levels this season. In the summertime, we worried that our cats would suffer from heat stroke and lack of water; but now, we need to worry about other health issues and temperature adjustments. 

Here are cats tips to keep in-mind this autumn:


First and foremost, don't assume that your cat is warm because he/she is wearing a permanent fur coat. Think about it, don't you feel cold even while wearing a thick wool coat? It's the same for your domestic cat. Once the snow comes in late November and early December, cat owners will need to worry about frostbite and damage to the cat's foot pads. Be sure to bring your cat inside from their outdoor cat enclosure to heat-up.

If you think keeping cats in the garage is a safe move, think again. The smell of antifreeze, or puddles of oil, can be toxic to animals and cause seizures, kidney failure and death.


Speaking of the great outdoors, we aren't out of the clear yet for ticks and tick-borne illnesses. Ticks remain active in the fall and feed on humans and pets in grassy areas and on hiking/biking trails. Perform a thorough tick check on cats after outdoor activity. If cats have encountered a tick bite, remove the tick immediately with a tick remover tool; and take the bug to a veterinarian for analysis. Cats, like humans, are subject to tick diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rock Mountain Spotted Fever.


Regular groom cat's hair so it does not get tangled. Matted hair can be very uncomfortable for the cat and can cause skin irritation and rashes. 


Halloween Safety

With Halloween around the corner, keep-in mind that chocolate is highly toxic to domestic animals and can cause them to become very sick. Be sure to throw away all candy wrappers so your cat does not choke on any aluminum foil. When it comes to decorations, including candles, keep cats away from these types of Halloween decor.