Fence For Chewing Dogs

Fence For Chewing Dogs

Every dog has a unique personality; and for dogs that chew and dig, plastic yard fencing may not be appropriate - even if the dog is small in size. Here are other fence types to consider for dog breeds that are considered chewers and diggers:

Steel Hex Web Fence

Steel Hex Fence for dogs is the step above plastic fencing. It is still lightweight and easy to manage but has the benefits of a steel core. The steel fence is similar in style to chicken wire and contains a 20 gauge galvanized steel. The small 1' x 1' mesh holes block dogs from chewing their way out of the fence line. This virtually invisible dog fence will last 20+ years. Only downside? It bends easily; so, large dog breeds should not be secured around this type of dog fence.

Welded Wire Fence

Weld Wire Fence looks great on landscapes. This steel fence is more robust than Steel Hex Web, made from a 14 gauge steel core. It is recommended for medium-large dog breeds that chew, dig and jump on the fence. Welded Wire is the 'middle child' between Steel Hex Web and Chain-Link Fence. This metal dog fence is also PVC-coated to prevent chew marks and will last 20-30 years outside.