Fence Install: Top Tools

Fence Install: Top Tools

So, you're a DIY'er ready to dig into your next project - good for you! Before beginning to assemble a dog fence or cat fence, there are a few basic tools you will need. Here are some tools that you may have laying around the house, and some you may need to purchase:

A sledge hammer: This tool will make life easier when installing ground sleeves - the first step in the fence installation process. Make sure you have a driver cap to place on top of the ground sleeve to keep it from mushrooming out when pounding with a sledge hammer. 

Hammer: Every household should have one! The hammer will be used for pounding in ground stakes at the bottom of the fence to secure dogs and cats and keep them from sneaking out. 

Scissors: Since dog fence rolls are bundled in rolls of 100' in length, homeowners may need to cut plastic fence mesh to fit their dimensions of the yard. For metal dog fencing, consider wire cutters.

Fence Cutter Puller Tool: This tool is recommended for purchase to secure fence mesh to posts using HD zip ties. The zip ties can be tightened using this tool and can be snipped off to remove the remnant zip tie to give the fence a cleaner look.

Post Drivers: Have a lot of land? Using a gas-powered post driver will help drive in posts quicker and easier than doing it manually.