Fence Post Install Tips

Fence Post Install Tips

Installing fence posts is the second step in the fence installation process [after driving in ground sleeves]. Read these fence install tips for heavy duty line posts:

1. Heavy duty line posts are traditionally used with dog fence and cat fence systems. These line posts are galvanized steel; black in color; and match the fence mesh. Dog fence posts will be 1 5/8' in diameter whereas cat fence posts will be 1 3/8' in diameter. 

2. Fence posts will require 15-20 feet spacing. Fence posts can be as close as 10 feet apart; however, the fence mesh may sag between posts - this can be fixed by adding a string of monofilament wire at the top to make the fence nice and taut. 

3. Angle steel posts can be used instead of heavy duty line posts for areas that are rocky or unusually hard. These posts can easily drive into the ground using a post driver. 

Fence posts are easy to install. Click here to see how to install HD line posts.