Go Green with Your Pet

Go Green with Your Pet

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and we have come up with ways for you to make being eco-friendly with your pet(s) a new lifestyle! Making small earth-friendly pet care habits can impact our world on a greater scale. It all starts with one person!

  1. Pet Food Choices

Have you ever considered how what you feed your pet(s) may affect the environment? Many pet foods contain added preservatives, artificial ingredients and all the “yuck” stuff. By feeding your pets natural, organic food brands, you will encourage farming production to be more sustainable, forcing them to stop using harmful chemicals and growth hormones, while choosing a healthier option for your pet. Organic food can help with digestive issues, allergies, and obesity in pets. Buying this food could also further the movement for dog manufacturers to use more eco-friendly dog food packaging such as packages made from recycled material. For dogs we recommend the brand Yora and for cats we recommend the brand Smalls.

  1. Waste Bags and Kitty Litter

Finding biodegradable dog poop bags, using a pet waste composter, or burying dog waste is another way to be eco-friendly with your pets. Some biodegradable waste bags take a long time to decompose and are not as friendly to the earth as we may think. We recommend the BioBag as a good biodegradable bag that works!

For cats, there is an option for an eco-friendly litter box called EcoPetBox. It is made of 100% recycled, biodegradable materials and are convenient for traveling too. Another way to be more eco-friendly when disposing of cat waste is to buy eco-friendly cat litter. We recommend FelinePine as a good option.

  1. Pass on Your Old Pet Supplies

Think twice next time before tossing your dog bed or crate that your pup has outgrown, or before throwing away unloved toys. There are many pet parents and shelters who would be happy to take an old leash or squeaky toy. Be sure to consider how someone else may be able to reuse your pet supplies to reduce waste. This is also a great way to support your local shelters!


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