How to Keep Stray Cats Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Stray Cats Out of Your Yard

Have you noticed stray cats wandering around your backyard? At first, you may not see the issue. But over time, you could notice the problems that they are causing around your home. The good news is that if there are strange furry friends wandering outside your property, there are friendly, humane ways to keep them away and dodge these troubles. That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog post.

Why Keep Stray Cats Out?

There are a few reasons why you should stop stray cats from entering your yard. First, if you have children or other animals a stray cat can be dangerous. While a stray cat is not the same as a feral animal it may be wary of humans or other animals depending on how it has been treated and could become hostile if approached. For this reason, you should never get too close to a stray cat that has entered your yard.

Another reason is that a stray cat could be carrying diseases or pests. If it has been a stray for quite some time, then it’s likely it hasn’t been vaccinated. If that’s the case, it could be carrying rabies. While the chances of contracting this disease from a stray cat are low, it’s still a risk that you should be aware of. A stray cat with rabies will be more aggressive and could be foaming at the mouth. Other less serious infections from a stray cat include scratch fever. A stray cat may carry pests such as ticks and fleas that could easily spread from your yard to a pet and into your home.

Or, a stray cat could simply cause damage to your yard. They might dig up flower beds and defecate over your lawn. Remember, to them your yard is just another area where they can play.

DIY Solutions To Keep Stray Cats Out

If you are struggling with stray cats entering your yard, then there are a few steps you can take to keep them out. These are simple, DIY solutions that will deter cats from your home.

First, you might want to consider using a coleus-canina plant. Also known as the “scardy-cat” plant, it emits an odor which cats do not appreciate. As such, it can help ensure that they avoid your yard completely. This won’t harm a cat but it will mean that your yard isn’t pleasant for them at all. This is just one of the landscaping options that can help deter cats. Other options include sharp foliage that can easily be planted around the outskirts of your yard including thorny bushes.

You can also add reflective surfaces to your yard. Reflective surfaces are useful as they trick stray cats into thinking that they are not alone. This scares the cat and prevents them from returning.

Or, you could simply get a lawn sprinkler. Cats hate water so if you set up a sprinkler on a timer, then a cat is unlikely to stop by for a visit.

How Our Product Helps

At Easy Pet Fence, we have a couple of products that you can use to keep stray cats out of your yard. Our Cat fence conversion kit will ensure that it is more difficult if not impossible for cats to climb into your yard. This kit can be added to any fence with screws and will last at least fifteen years. You may also want to consider using ground stakes to prevent a cat from digging underneath your fence. As well as preventing cats from getting in, this will act as a deterrent as stray cats in your area will quickly learn that it’s difficult to escape your yard once they enter.

We also provide an outdoor cat fence kit. This is useful for anyone who doesn’t have an existing fence around their yard. While this product can be set up to stop pet cats from getting out, you can also face the product outwards to stop strays from getting in. This is one of the best affordable prevention options and an easy solution to your problem with stray cats.

We hope this helps you understand that there are a few affordable, simple prevention options for stray cats who keep wandering around your backyard. All the solutions we have mentioned are completely humane and won’t harm strays that wander around your property. At Easy Pet Fence, we have been providing animal and pest prevention solutions that homeowners can trust for years. Choose us to help alleviate your stray cat problem in an ethical and humane way.