Hypothermia In Dogs

Hypothermia In Dogs

As frigid temperatures and snow push from the Midwest into the Mid-Atlantic and New England Areas, we as pet owners need to think about what the harsh weather conditions are doing to our pets. 

Yes, they need to go outside for fresh air in the fenced-in backyard; and yes, they need to do their business outside; but being outside for too long can be damaging to dog health. The biggest worry is hypothermia in dogs; and pups should not be outside for longer than 15-20 minutes during the weather season. 

Symptoms Of Hypothermia In Dogs:

  • Strong shivering and trembling followed by no shivering.
  • Acting sleepy or lethargic and weak.
  • Fur and skin are cold to the touch.
  • Body temperature is below 95 degrees (Fahrenheit)
  • Decreased heart rate.
  • Dilated pupils (the black inner circle of the eye appears larger)

Pet owners need to cover dogs with blankets once they return inside from the harsh weather elements. They will need to brush the snow off their paws and provide them with fresh water to drink (hydration will remain a top priority). And, they will need to pay extra attention to dog's behavior after time outside.