If Dogs Encounter Bears

If Dogs Encounter Bears

Bear breeding season just wrapped up; but it will begin again next month. For this reason, bear sightings are common in spring and summer. While dogs are man's best friend, they are not liked by all wild animals including wolves, coyotes and bears. If your dog experiences a bear encounter take action by doing the following:

 1. If the bear has not yet detected you by smell or sight, quickly leave the area. Make limited noise and do not run. 

2. If the bear sees your dog, keep the dog close to you and stay calm. Try to avoid sudden movements such as the dog jumping. 

3. Slowly back up and stand tall. Try to be as 'fierce' looking as possible. Wave your hands in the air; but do not attack the bear. 

4. Throw an object near the bear to distract him/her; but do not toss food. Do not throw rocks at the bear or sticks - this will only upset the bear.

5. Yell at the bear - still standing tall. Your dog will probably be barking like mad. That's okay.

6. Have bear spray ready. Use on Grizzly Bears and/or Black Bears. 

Bear encounters with humans are rare; but they can happen. Bear movement is usually at dawn and dusk; but they can be seem throughout the day and might. The only way to keep bears out of yards is by installing electric fence. If your dog is outside in the fenced-in backyard, keep close eye on them; and watch out for predatory animals.