It's National Pet Week

It's National Pet Week

It's National Pet Week; and this is a time for pet owners and animal enthusiasts to be kind to pets. This week is declared by the AVMA to take care of pets and be responsible pet owners.

What makes a responsible pet owner? 

Responsible pet owners are those that treat animals like members of the family. They look out for the well-being of dogs and cats. They ensure that their animals are up-to-date with shots and vaccines and have regular vet visits. They make sure their animals are eating well (not quantity, but quality). They make sure their animals are happy and healthy. 

For animal wellness, it's important that your dog or cat is not cooped up inside the house for many hours. If they are, they will become stiff and lack energy. They will become overweight or obese without proper exercise and weak in the future. Having a fenced-in yard is important for animal health. Allowing dogs and cats to play outside in a safe environment will help train new pets while bonding with them. 

Be kind to animals this week; and enjoy your time with your pet this week and always.