March Begins Tick Season

March Begins Tick Season

As outdoor enthusiasts venture outdoors with their pets, they may see a change that they did not experience in the winter season. Tick sightings in March are common and can affect both pet owner and pet.  We encourage pet owners to perform thorough tick checks on pets after backyard playtime, hiking trips and dog park outings. 

Pet Grooming Tips

Dog and cat grooming is advised for animal wellness and will keep the fur unmatted. Animal fur protects the pet from sunburns and keeps them warm in the cooler months. But, dog grooming can also help pet owners discover ticks that are hiding within the fur. Although cats don't like combing, it is advised that pet owners find a cat comb that works for the pet. 

Pet Tick Prevention

If pet owners find a tick on their pet, it's important to learn how to remove the tick as soon as possible to avoid tick diseases such as Lyme Disease (yes, pets can get the tick-borne illness, too). 


Be sure to pull the tick straight up and avoid twisting the tick out. Twisting ticks may cause the tick head and/or body to chip off and release possible infections. Once the tick is completely out, take it to the vet for identification and have the pet tested for Lyme.