National Chicken Month

National Chicken Month

September is National Chicken Month; and it's time to pay respect to backyard chickens. Not only does the flock produce eggs for us to eat healthy breakfast omelets, but they become members of the family.

To celebrate chickens this month, is asking backyard chicken owners to say 'No' to caging chickens. Poultry stuffed inside cages are not happy and they certainly aren't healthy. 

Free-ranging chickens are healthier and happier when outside. They have a chance to move their legs and remain fit. This means that they will produce better-tasting eggs for cooks and bakers. Chickens will eat bugs and spiders, keeping insects away from homes. 

To keep them safe from coyotes and other external predators, it's best to use a steel fence with PVC-coating that will provide a chew-proof barrier for up to 30 years.

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