NC: Cat Killing Spree?

NC: Cat Killing Spree?

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) -- Some neighbors in the Emerald Point neighborhood in Knightdale say a pack of vicious dogs has killed at least two pet cats in the last week.

Paul Quinn had to spend this Memorial Day burying his beloved pet cat, Anna Bell.

“It’s very disappointing to be honest with you because obviously we love our animals and the worst part about it is that this keeps happening,” said Quinn.

Quinn says for the past two weeks, a pack of vicious dogs has been terrorizing the cats in his neighborhood. Quinn says there are usually two, sometimes three dogs.

“When we came outside we heard all the ruckus,” Quinn said. “The dogs had come around from the side of the house and they chased our cat up this tree in our neighbor’s yard and we chased them off at that point.”

But then Quinn says, at about 4 a.m. he woke up to a disturbing scuffle outside his window.

“We ran out at the porch and we could see the bigger dog hunkered down I think he had a hold of her and of course we yelled at them and they took off running,” Quinn said.

The next morning their cat was nowhere to be found. On Sunday night, Quinn’s neighbor found their cat dead in their backyard.

Earlier this week, another neighbor said the same dogs attacked and killed her cat, Boots, in front of her young son.

Both neighbors say they’ve called animal control but the dogs are still running loose.

'We’re hoping that they will take care of this but knowing that one of our other neighbors had this happen before it happened to us and she called already and now we’re calling, we don’t know how many other times it’s happened,” Quinn said.

Quinn says he is certain these dogs have an owner, a family who lives in his neighborhood. Quinn says now he doesn’t even feel safe walking his dog in his neighborhood or letting his kids play outside.

“When you don’t feel comfortable walking down your own street because you don’t know if you’re gonna be attacked by these dogs that are running in packs, that’s a problem,” he said.

CBS 17 reached out to animal control and Knightdale police, but so far we have not heard back.

According to the town's website, any pet owner who does not restrain their animal could face up to a $200 fine and 30 days in jail.

A state law says that the owner of a dangerous dog is liable for any civil damages for any injuries or property damage the dog inflicts upon a person, property, or another animal. 

Story re-posted from CBS17, By Kelly Kennedy