Pet Appreciation Week 2022

Pet Appreciation Week 2022

June 6-12, 2022 is Pet Appreciation Week! Did you know that our pets do more for us than just looking cute? They are good for our health!  

  • Pets reduce cortisol levels, resulting in less stress and depression.  
  • Pets increase your exercise! Think about how many 
    more walks you've been on with your dog, or how many 
    more times you've been active playing with your kitty 
    while watching TV! 
  • Pets help with your social life! How many times has 
    someone stopped to pet your dog, or struck up a 
    conversation about your kitty that peers through the 

The Easy Pet Fence team wants to show appreciation for our pets by introducing you to them! Here are a few of the cuddly fur babies our employees have. 

Draco is a Chihuahua that belongs to our customer support rep, Morgan. She got Draco three years ago in West Virginia, and says despite his small size, he takes up half of the bed every night! 
MooseYou may recognize this pup! Moose is one of our infamous office dogs who belongs to our marketing coordinator, Cassidy. He is a 3-month old Newfoundland puppy from a breeder in Chambersburg, PA. He is a sassy pup with a heart of gold. He loves everything and everyone! 
Where are all the cat-lovers at?! Bean is a Domestic Medium Hair who also belongs to our marketing coordinator, Cassidy. He was adopted from Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in December 2021. Bean loves water (weird, right?), loves to attack and loves to love! 

Riley is a Black Labrador Retriever that our customer service rep, Zach brought home in October 2021 from a breeder in Pennsylvania. Riley has no sense of personal space and still considers herself a lap dog.  

At Easy Pet Fence, we are PET PEOPLE. Behind the scenes, we have huge hearts for our own fur babies, and ensure that we infuse this love into our pet fence products. Our fencing is a humane alternative to electric fence, and it will keep YOU happy, while keeping your pets SAFE! Many EPF employees have their very own EPF fences.