Pet Apps Every Pet Parent Should Download

Pet Apps Every Pet Parent Should Download

Ahh, the world of smartphones, we know you probably already have thousands of photos, apps and text messages taking up your storage, but we promise these free apps are worth downloading. As a dedicated pet parent, we know you want to keep up on the latest pet trends, plus who are we kidding, all of us have our phones attached to the hip anyway.

There are MANY apps out there dedicated to tracking all of the information about your pets, but we have found that this one seems to be the most user-friendly app that covers all the bases. Use Pet Growth Notes as a journal about your pets, and store all of your information in one place. This app allows you to make notes about each pet, keep photo albums and record their milestones. You can log all of their health information including height, weight, medications, vaccinations and veterinarian information. You can use the calendar in the app to set reminders for appointments and giving medications. It’s definitely a one-stop shop for easily keeping track of all your fur baby information. 

This one is for the dog people. Especially the busy dog people. If you’re on the go and feel guilty for leaving your pup home alone too long, but don’t have a friendly neighbor to walk him/her, this could be the app for you. If you have been dying to go on vacation, but don’t know who to ask to watch your pup, this could be the app for you. OR, if you are a dog-lover and want to be a dog walker or sitter—this could be the app for you. Join the app and find trusted dog walkers and sitters in your area. Only 20% of potential dog-sitters are approved as Rover ensures the best care for your dog. All you have to do it message them directly through the app to connect, and pay them securely through the app.  You can get photo updates and GPS tracking of your dog’s walk so you won’t miss a thing.

This is an app all about professional health advice and care for your pet. Although it requires a subscription long-term, there is a free trial to get you started and figure out if this app service could really benefit you and your beloved fur baby! With AskVet, you have access to a personalized “care coach” who will help guide you on the best practices for the wellness of your pet. The app offers 24/7 unlimited live, virtual access to licensed vets without having to schedule an appointment. There is also a “Rainy Day Fund” program that will help cover up to $1000 in emergency veterinary pet visits. Lastly, you will have a whole community of animal-lovers, just like you who you can chat with online and share advice and support with. Having an online community of pet-owners and veterinarians to use at your disposal is a great idea, especially if you have an older pet or a pet with any risk of illness that should be monitored.

There are TONS of other great pet apps out there, so if you don’t think any of these would improve your pet-parenting life, we would still urge you to browse your App or Google Play Store!