Pet Gifting For Holidays

Pet Gifting For Holidays

Surprising someone with a pet may seem like a great thing; but before you do anything, think if it's the right thing to do. Pets are a full-time responsibility. It's like taking care of a newborn child - and it feels like they cost just as much. 

“I don’t think pets should ever be a gift, they certainly shouldn’t be a surprise,” Leslie Harrelson, CEO and president of P.E.T.S Clinic, said.

Harrelson says there’s at least $300 of fees behind buying an animal, such as spaying or neutering, food, bedding and vaccinations for the pet. Buying an unplanned pet can also add to the 350 to 400 animals the Wichita Falls Animal Services handle each month. (News Channel 6)

Adopting from a local humane society as opposed to a third party or pet store may offset the initial costs and can help pet owners save money for food, toys and even a dog fence.

It's the holiday season; and shelter animals need homes - just be sure the recipient is ready to take on the responsibilities of a new family member before purchasing a dog as a holiday present.