Pets Need Outdoor Time

Pets Need Outdoor Time

Pet owners, mainly the ones that own cats, are on the fence about whether or not it's best to allow their pets outside for long periods of time; but there are many benefits to letting both dogs and cats play in a fenced-in area. Here's why companion animals must go outside.

Like humans, pets go stir crazy if left indoors; and  they need fresh air, exercise, and socialization just as much as we do. If pets are left inside for too long, they will become lethargic with mood swings. They will risk health complications as they age including high blood pressure, stiff joints, muscle aches and even worse, obesity. Keeping them indoors is diminishing their quality of life and lowering their lifespan!

Dogs and cats require at least 30 minutes of daily activity to stay lean and fit. Pets will require at least an hour of daily exercise as they grow older. 

There are many physical activities that pet owners can do with pets from the convenience of their own backyard including:

  • Tossing a ball or Frisbee;
  • Running around the yard;
  • Building a dog obstacle course;
  • Playing with crumpled paper or yarn;
  • and much more!

Pets are our babies; and we want them to be healthy and happy at all times. With fencing, rest assure both dogs and cats will be safe outdoors at all times. Do them a favor; and let them go outside each and every day!