Pets On Earth Day

Pets On Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 is celebrated differently this year, thanks to the whole world staying at home. But, look on the bright side, we get to stay home in our pj's and play with our pets! 

There are many ways to get involved this Earth Day from home; and pets can get involved, too. Here's how to go green with pets this Earth Day:

DIY Dog and Cat Toys: Reuse cereal boxes or finished milk jugs for dogs and cats to play. Not only will dogs and cats love hearing the sounds of the boxes being used in motion, but it will keep them chasing after the items and using all fours to exercise and play. Dog and cat owners can buy pet toys online made from recycled plastics, too.

Soak up the sunshine: In the southern U.S., spring gets toasty. This is a good time for dogs and cats to play outside in a fenced-in yard. If a kiddie pool is available, fill it up for pets to splash around in and then allow them to air dry. They'll appreciate the cool breeze and the sunshine hitting their faces.

Canned Dog Food: If you're buying small cans of dog food, quit it! Go big at home. The smaller cans have a bigger impact on our environment. Cut the portions of the dog food as to not overfeed dogs. Overfeeding dogs can lead to health complications as they age including obesity. 

Buy In Bulk: This should be an easy one since most of you are hoarding food right now during the COVID-19 crisis. As with canned goods, buying bulk pet foods will lower costs for you and will lower the cost of packaging items.